Greasby Methodist Church photo

Church Opening

We have been able to ease restrictions regarding Sunday worship. However, for the time being and out of consideration for others, we are proceeding with caution. We are still asking our congregation to wear masks when moving around, only removing them when seated in church. We have permission to sing but, for the time being, we are recommending that it be from behind a mask wherever possible. The seats will be put back into rows, but we will still be practicing social distancing, albeit at 1 metre instead of 2. We hope that this will encourage those of you who have not yet felt able to return to worship in person, to give it a go, because we have missed you.

We are now serving tea and coffee after the service which is giving us time to enjoy fellowship face to face.

“It is good to give thanks to the Lord our God” so please do come and join us each Sunday at 10.45 am. for worship.