Hope Journey Remembering

We continue to deliver a programme of Hope Journeys with children and staff at our three local schools – however we continue to work differently! This week we thoroughly enjoyed sharing a virtual Hope Journey Remembering via Microsoft Teams. On Tuesday 17th November we met with two Year 6 classes of 30 children each and staff at Greasby Junior School and on Wednesday 18th November we met with the Year 6 class and staff at Brookdale.

The team…working at a social distance!

Following my introduction and welcome, we shared three workshops

  • What and why we remember – a look at a clip from Horrible Histories and a reflection on Armistice Day, what we should be remembering, why and the symbolism of different coloured poppies
  • A Wartime Experience – delivered whilst sitting in an ‘anderson shelter’, it was such a pity the children could not join us this year.  We thought about the different types of shelters, listened to various recorded stories from those who survived WW2 and thought about how we would feel in such conditions
  • The Anne Frank story – we considered the traumatic experiences of Anne Frank, thought about what Christians are remembering through Communion, wrote prayers which will be offered at Sunday worship on Sunday and prepared a wreath of hope – hopes and dreams for ourselves and the community/world around us.  The schools will display the wreath in classrooms
The Wreath of Hope at Brookdale Primary School

During the plenary the children shared what they had learnt from this Hope Journey.  They also received the usual take home gifts of a replica WW1 St Johns gospel, issued to men in active service; the Jelly Babies and Jesus story and a weekly ration of sweets (equivalent to 5 jelly babies) to share between the entire family for one week – if you could even get hold of some sweets!

Our next Meet The Characters sessions will take place week beginning 6th December for Year 2 children at Brookdale and Greasby Infant School.  This continues to complement the assemblies which are now regularly video recorded to send into school.  It is a great privilege that the schools are so willing to engage with us.  Please join with me in prayer as we continue to share the gospel with over 700 members of the Greasby community this year

Sue Elliott

Hope Journey co-ordinator and E A T