Hope Journey Meet The Characters



We were delighted to welcome 92 Year 2 children to Meet The Characters on Thursday 9th December, including both Greasby Infant School (morning session) and Brookdale Primary School (afternoon session)

Following our welcome and introduction, we shared the Christmas story, highlighting that we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ at Christmas

The children went to meet each of the characters in the story including

  • The Angel Gabriel – God’s messenger to fulfil God’s plan.  The appearance and message ‘Do not be afraid….’ to Mary and then Joseph, also the shepherds and Magi. 

The Angel Gabriel explains their story
  • Mary’s experience – from the message from the Angel Gabriel, the census, travelling to Bethlehem, arriving at the Inn where there was no space, the arrival of Jesus and the amazing visitors – the shepherds and three Magi – who recognised Jesus as the King of Kings
  • The shepherd(s) – who were chosen to be the first to hear about the birth and hurried down to Bethlehem to see him
One of the shepherds explains their story
  • The Magi – bringing their gifts and travelling back a different way to avoid Herod and why
  • The Innkeeper and his donkey – who explained his job as an innkeeper, why Bethlehem was so busy due to the census, the arrival of Mary and Joseph followed by the birth of a baby.  The children engaged enthusiastically in waking the donkey up so that the donkey could tell them his story, carrying Mary to Bethlehem and all the commotion in the stable!

At the end of each workshop, the children asked lots of interesting questions including whether Mary and Joseph ever got married and asking the Angel Gabriel if s/he could fly!

The children also enjoyed a break for refreshments during which they created Fridge magnet(s) of the nativity scene

During the plenary the children shared who their favourite character was and why, before singing ‘Happy Birthday to Jesus’ and receiving a gift bag with take home gifts including the Passport/colouring sheet to explain to families the characters they had met; a candle prayer to share with the family on Christmas Day; an invite to our Christmas services; a Meet The Cast (Lifewords) story book which retells the Christmas story and a Gold biscuit representing gold, frankincense and myrrh which the wise men brought to Jesus.

Meet The Cast – the Christmas story

Now we are looking forward to welcoming 93+ Year 1 children to our next Hope Journey is Epiphany –Journey with the Kings, which will take place on Thursday 13th January

Sue Elliott

Hope Journey co-ordinator