Hope Journey Sharing Parables at Greasby Infant School


was a joy to visit Greasby Infant School on Thursday 1st July to deliver Sharing Parables to 60 children and 5 staff from F2.  This was our first visit into schools this year and we were very blessed with dry weather as we held the event in the outdoor play space.  

Following the welcome and introduction

  1. We read the story of The Lost Son from the bible. A parable is a story Jesus told to explain his teaching to us. We talked about feelings – how the various characters felt at different times in the story and why their emotions changed.  Very  importantly we looked at how we can all make wrong choices but God always forgives us if we are truly sorry for what we have done and aim to put it right.  The children made paper plate faces – a smiling face on one side and a sad face on the other – and used the paper plate faces to retell the story to us

2. The puppets shared a modern day version of the story.  A boy wanted to go to a disco but dad had said no.  However he sneaked out and went off with his friends and had a great time.  However he woke his dad up when he got home so his dad found out what he had done.  However dad did forgive him because he loved him so much.  Just as our Father God loves us and will forgive us too.  The children made peg puppets to take home to use to retell the story to their families

3. We presented a monologue, from dad’s point of view, again exploring how sad he was when the son asked for his inheritance and left home seeking a better life.  But how he rejoiced when the son returned home.  Sometimes we can wander away from God, but He is always ready to welcome us back too.  The children then made scoobies with different shaped beads

Square = someone we rely on, and who supports us

Round = somebody it is good to be around (friend, teacher, family member)

Heart = somebody who takes care of us

Star = a superstar in our life

We all enjoyed learning about how God loves us, takes care of us and we can trust Him to be our superstar and very special friend forever.

We are looking forward to welcoming all the children and staff into church again for another exciting programme of Hope Journey events next year

Sue Elliott

Hope Journey co-ordinator