Teams 4u Shoebox Appeal 2021

As part of our mission at Greasby Methodist Church we have for many years taken part in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

We now fill and pack our boxes for T4U, started many years ago by Dave Cooke, which is based in Wrexham. The group deliver shoeboxes to the poorest children in Eastern Europe, and are involved in the supply of clean water and medical treatment in Uganda, holiday camps for orphans in Belarus, and the distribution of sanitary wear and education on menstrual health to schoolgirls in Africa.

The shoeboxes started off by people wrapping their own shoeboxes in Christmas paper, which you can still do today, but for the last 4 years, we have chosen to buy the ready made boxes that T4U offer.  We pay 40p a box, and at Greasby we usually order 200 boxes every October.  The advantage is that every child receives the same size box, and for busy parents, just picking up a box in our atrium on their way out of church, is quicker for them to fill.

We start by every box having a toothbrush, toothpaste, a bar of wrapped soap and a flannel as basics, then the fun begins.  Always, pencil crayons and a notebook or colouring books, a cuddly toy, hats, gloves and scarves, tennis ball, a puzzle and small bags of wrapped sweets. This year we also included a cloth bag, made by our members, which can be used to store the gifts when the cardboard boxes have come to the end of their useful life. We never include war related items, such as toy soldiers, guns or tanks. 

This years shoebox service was held last Sunday, 21st November, led by Judith Stelfox helped by Lyn Jackson-Eves (shoebox co-ordinator) and Paula Dewhirst. The boxes were placed at the front of church for a service of thanksgiving and blessing before being taken to the warehouse in Birkenhead, to be checked before starting their long journey to Eastern Europe.

As part of the service Lyn shared some of the videos produced by Teams4U and explained some of the work they are involved in at the moment.

Willaston Christ Church and Methodist church also combined with us this year and together we were able to send 185 boxes and over £250 in donations which was a wonderful result.

A big thankyou to everyone who contributed – see you all next year.

Lyn Jackson-Eves T4U Shoebox Co-ordinator