T4u Shoebox Appeal 2022:
All our boxes have now been delivered to the warehouse in Birkenhead. I took the final 35 down on Thursday morning. We had a request from a
very kind lady in West Kirby, who took our boxes last year to fill, but had
left it a little late this year. However, I managed to locate 30 boxes for her,
and she returned them to me on Thursday. She had filled all 30 plus 2
more, with beautiful gifts, all by herself, no one else involved!! I was
overwhelmed by her kindness and generosity, and by everyone else who
contributed to this year’s amazing total in any way. Our results are:
From Greasby Methodist 185 Shoeboxes  and £100 in donations.
From Willaston Methodist 36 boxes. From Christ Church Willaston
41 boxes.  Making a wonderful total of 262 boxes.
Many, many thanks. Lyn x